Monday, October 3, 2011

Risky Work

            Working in a confined space- a closed zone contain nitrogen pipe- is very risky. i worked for 5 years at petrochemical company, the N2 has no odour, or smell. If were N2 leaks frome the pipes, and the operator forgot to brought the Gas Tester with him it maybe takes 6 sec to die because the N2 throw out the Oxygen. There is no warning or sign indicate that the zone is full of N2. One person was welding a pipe at confined space area he forgot to brought the GasTester with him unluckily there were N2 leaks from the pipe the welder directly died, once his friend saw the man lying on the zone went to risk him, but he followed him to die , both men were died because of N2 leaks, if they were brought the Gas Tester then if any leaks happened it will give him alarm.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

So You Want To Be A Doctor? Medical Studies and Hospital Traning Are Hard Work.

          According to this articale , Becoming a doctor in the United States is more complicated than we have thought. The most important thing to gain admittance is to pass the Medical College Admisson Test ( MCAT). Of course you must do well in the interview. In any case medcal education in the USA cost alot of monay, but the doctor have been paid the maximum salries compared with other jobs.

          In my opinion, getting admisson in medicals school is worth the difficulty, because when the students graduated they will treat human beings, any mistake can be deadly. In one wrod the admitted students must have satisfied all admisson requirements.


          Success is important to every one in life. In my opinion success means to achieve something  you have planned. I have one reason that shows why success is important in our life. Everyone in this world is hoping to live in peace of mind. No doubt they will fined that if they had planned enough, they have to work hard, even if they fail. For example, Micheal Jordan the famous basket ball player was rejected when he joined a school team, what did he do? He could have given up, but no he tried ,tried and tried until he became the stellar player in the world. In one word, to be successful don't let failures get you down.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Speaking With People

         Speaking with more than three people that I'm not famliar to speak with them makes me nervous. the following reason will explain. Because usually I'm not uesd to speak to much with people . For example, when I argue with someone rapidly I feel impatient and that makes me end the conversation even if I'm right. In short I think learing some skills related to the same issue will help me in future.


        Reading books that resolves and gives important tips about that same issue .I have soled reason support my idea.The huge number of the books on bookshop which discuss the same issue approve concern. For example, the majority of companies give theirs employees some session on the same issue. finally attending a training session and reading books crucial for my issue.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Breath Poems


                                                                    One chilly night

                                                                    On the shore a tall lad laid

                                                                    The sky was clear

                                                                    Pretty , shiny face appeare

                                                                    The lad woke from stunning dream.


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